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Rothwell will soon be your Partner of Choice. Look at the services offered.

Increase your rate of retention for consultants.

  • Services include immediate enrollment into Employer-of-Record payrolling service.
  • Reduce your admin time and costs considerably.
  • Be 100% ensured that your contractor is compliant to IC classifications and Federal and State rules and regulations.
  • All insurance requirements are met (Workers Comp, Errors and Omissions, Liability, etc.)
  • Consultants are content now as a W2 due to receiving great benefits including the one-of-a-kind opportunity to immediately claim his/her expenses (so tax savings is the same as if s/he were 1099/incorporated).
  • Invoices are timely, dependable and professional.
  • Bill rate is the same as the contractor’s pay rate.
  • $75/week admin fee is charged, plus a ~12% sliding statutory fee

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