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Work differently! Gotta change with the times!

Have you noticed that finding a permanent position with a corporation is getting harder and harder?  If you have a specialty or a talent, then you may be getting opportunities coming your way that are project-oriented or temporary/contract.

Don’t turn this work down!  Change your way of thinking.  The way of the business world may be moving toward this new way of getting projects done. But you ask yourself “how do I become an independent consultant?  I don’t know about all of the prerequisites that clients are asking of me!  I wish I could get healthcare insurance easily”!

One answer to this dilemma is to go with a service such as Rothwell International.  They can bring you on as a member (W2) and provide you with healthcare insurance.  Also the other worries that go along with being a contractor (such as invoicing, and attaining Workers Comp insurance, Liability insurance and Errors and Omissions insurance, etc.) all are taken care of by the service.

So, if are able to find your own work, but are wishing you were an employee, then there are options.  Go to

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