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It seems that most people are fighting a battle that seems endless – a battle of you vs. the economy. Interest rates are creeping up again, and credit seems almost impossible to get these days. Trying to cut costs in every way possible may be your best defense again these opponents. Take a good look at your cash flow; what are you spending money on that could be cut out? Every penny counts! Pay especially close attention to the interest rates on your business credit cards! These cards are exempt from typical credit card laws. The company holding your business card can raise your interest rate without giving you the notice that they have to give to holders of personal credit cards.

Time is money, and taking time to save money is the same as spending time to make money!

Sites such as and can help you look at what you are spending. allows you to enter information on what you are spending on your wireless bill, cable, and credit cards, and the site calculates if you are getting the best deals that you can. helps you organize, track, and manage your finances. This website allows you to make a budget and stick to it! Also, call your credit card providers and make sure that you are getting the best rate possible; if you have been paying your bills on time the card companies should be more than willing to help you out!

Written by Amanda Freeman, a Consultant’s Financial Planner


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