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How will you be affected by reform changes?

Health care insurance coverage is a dilemma that is hurting many of us!  We innocently plug along with our daily lives. Trying to make an honest and decent living as a contract consultant. We remember the days when we were an employee of a larger company. The premiums have been established.  We could choose between the multiple levels of insurance (silver, gold, platinum), or a high-deductible plan.  The best advantage was that the insurance company could not deny us coverage!  They may put a 12-month rider on a preexisting condition, but that is typically the extent of refusal.

So, here we are…minding our own business.  Finding projects and contracts on our own because we are good at what we do.  But we can’t get healthcare insurance because our spouse has diabetes or a heart condition.  They will outright REFUSE to cover anything that has to do with that preexisting disease or illness.  This can be devastating.  And in this economy, it is not easy to get a permanent job with benefits.  What to do??  (Along comes Rothwell International.  We can help you with this dilemma).  This is a time that we must search for options!

I will keep you updated on any healthcare insurance information that comes through. I’m anxious to see how high the premiums can go (with preexisting conditions).  Stay tuned!

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