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As an independent consultant, often you may feel that you are swimming against the current of life. Why do you have to work so hard to get the very basic of necessities?

                                             Who’s Got Your Back?

                                                    Rothwell does!

Some consultants are especially attuned to running the business-aspects of their company. That may even be your specialty! But more than half of all project-based consultants are fending on their own…not of their own choice!

We at Rothwell realize your dilemma. The services and offerings we provide can help you feel whole again.

• Attain Health Care insurance and business insurances (Workers Comp, Liability, etc.) when joining. No need to talk to multiple brokers.

• Automatic invoicing, collections, tax filings, and more! No bookkeepers or accountants needed.

• Immediate TAX SAVINGS when claiming your expenses.

• Meet all compliance and contractual obligations and easily enter into all of your client sites.

Rothwell has a passion for consultants. Many consultants desire to be independent, and many would rather not be so independent (a little support would be nice)!

Rothwell can help you deal with all of these aggravating business aspects. Claim your life back!

Contact Jill Freeman, a consultant’s consultant at: [email protected]

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