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With the onslaught of healthcare insurance dilemmas for anyone but the young and healthy, Rothwell is determined to provide an extremely thoughtful and unique solution for contract consultants. Become a member of our group, and receive access to great group health care insurance (lower deductibles than most health care insurance you could choose on your own).   Also receive more tax help than you thought possible!

It is our vision to provide almost any service that contract consultants need on a day-to-day basis so that your life can be as hassle free as possible.  We will submit your taxes quarterly (no trying to save tens of thousands of dollars each year to pay back to Uncle Sam).

For a small weekly fee ($75/week pretax) and another fee that is based on a sliding scale to cover our overhead of taxes, you can get EXTREME services that will send your consulting life into a whole new realm.  You will feel comfortable because you and your family will be secure and stable, with a group health care insurance plan, every tax optimization possible, invoicing and collections, business insurances, compliance, etc., etc.

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