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Comments on: Affordable Care Act’s Employer Mandate Delayed

“The Obama administration announced Tuesday that it’s delaying a key part of the Affordable Care Act. Businesses will now have another year to prove that they are providing health insurance — or that their employees otherwise have health insurance from some other source. Companies had complained that the reporting requirements to prove this were too complicated and burdensome”.

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Jill’s comments: What does this mean for small employers? Thankfully, there is not the level of scrambling needed now for employers to make rash decisions on 1) insurance plans (yes/no options), 2) should I hire or not hire this particular worker now?

The workers were suffering! If an employer was hovering with a census of 40-60 full time employees, than each hiring decision was analyzed with much more scrutiny than normal. Decisions were being forced with the main worry being ‘how much are we liable for health care costs in the next couple of months” rather than the deciding factor being the well-being of the company.

So, we are out of the woods for now. We can use this time to reflect back on our analysis process.  I wish someone would come up with a decision-making matrix that takes in account the myriad of variables involved. Until then every company has to pull together a committee of brains to determine how best to make this decision. To that end we still struggle…

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