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Consultant’s Consortium–Come join us!

Thank you to the consultants who joined us at our Genesis Consultant’s Consortium meeting!  We had a great meeting with much great information flowing!


Two of the dominant issues that we discussed (and we would like to continue discussing) were:

1) Marketing and Networking. Take this opportunity ‘now’ to create your practices and procedures for Marketing and Networking your consulting practice because when you get your next consulting gig…you won’t have time.  The economy is still a bit flat, but it will not stay flat forever!  So we need to think ahead.  We also noticed that times are a’changing, and we need to stay on the forefront of methods to market ourselves.  Is LinkedIn still an important channel?  If so, are you keeping in touch with your network?   Don’t forget to blog, have a facebook fan-page, tweet, etc.  You must keep your name and specialty out there!

2) Get buy-in (or goals) from the CEO. Once on a project, it is mandatory to get buy-in from the CEO.  How many times have you been brought in to fix (say a Marketing or Sales problem), and the person you have been assigned to fix it with is the Marketing or Sales Manager (who actually created the problem).  You can see where this is going….  S/he does not attribute the problem to their systems at all.  This is not the optimal way to kick-off a project.

So, interesting stuff!  We have a lot to get after.  We will have another Meeting in a month.  Join us!

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