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4 tips to better market yourself

Tip #1- Determine what new technology or technique you can claim

Promote yourself as a helper into the next technology! Grab ahold of the newest technology that you have experienced recently (and that you have enjoyed) and spring board from there! Research this newest technology as much as you can so that you can be deemed as more expert than anyone on a potential client staff.
This is your marketing strategy! Determine the types of clients that would be able to use this new technology. How large will be your list of potential clients that you can call on?

Tip #2- Use LinkedIn to create your contact list
With your list in hand, do an ‘Advanced Search’ for people within LinkedIn who are IT Directors / CEOs at the potential clients on your list. Now you know who to contact!  Determine the email address and phone number of these IT Directors / CEOs and start your contacting!
Once you have a short list of potential clients, add to this short list with additional clients in a similar vertical market or industry.  

Tip #3- Write out your pitch
When you contact the client, ask if they are looking at using x (your new technology/technique) in the near future.  “With my experience and passion in this new level of work, I would be a perfect person to lead the effort /have on the team”.  Then pause and listen…. This is where you learn their future strategy.  As the client describes their situation and pain points, write the words down and then use their very own words in any future conversations.  The courting relationship could take 3-6-9 months.  Do not talk cost yet (project-bid vs. hourly-bid, if possible).

Tip #4- Keep in contact with the client list regularly.
If a project is not eminent, then keep in touch using soft methods (forward articles, ideas, trends, etc.). Strive for face-to-face interaction at all costs. Many times a client will have a project ruminate for months or possibly appear on an agenda quickly, and you will want to be the person that springs to mind. And always keep in contact with past clients to keep that relationship strong.

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