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When you join Rothwell, you will immediately gain the advantages of these offerings and benefits:

  • Optimize your billable hours by reducing administration
  • Online submittal of time and expenses
  • Effortless client billing and collections
  • Direct deposit of your paychecks
  • Tax compliance and optimization
  • Tax savings on expenses
  • Increased contracting opportunities through W2 status
  • Reduced IRS tax audit risk
  • Consistent employment records to improve successful mortgage and loan requests
  • Immediate Workers Comp, General Liability, and Errors and Omissions insurance coverage (if W2)
  • Major Medical Healthcare insurance for you and your family (if W2)
  • 401K / Retirement account (coming)

Our fee is $75/week.  A sliding scale statutory fee is also charged to offset the overhead Rothwell endures on your behalf. We do not add any margin to the bill rate, so you receive your entire bill rate minus your associated business costs.  Manage your own business in the way that meets your needs best!

Any business charges or expenses will be dealt with on a pre-tax basis when tax laws provide allowance.  The tax savings will easily compensate for the weekly fee.

Benefits for Consultants, finally!