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Afraid to hire?

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Do you want to hire but are afraid to hire?

Worried about straddling the line with ObamaCare and it’s potential costs?  Is your employee number at or around 50?

  • The health care insurance costs will be extremely high!
  • The penalties will be extremely high!

One option is to outsource your employees or contractors to an Employer-of-Record.  

Rothwell is a great option.  We can provide your employees or consultants with the benefits and services that they need.

Benefits for everyone, finally!


Video explaining Rothwell’s services to consultants

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Categories: BenefitsForConsultants

Click here to hear Jill explain Rothwell’s unique services to Consultants.

Consultant’s Consortium–Where consultants brainstorm!

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Categories: BenefitsForConsultants

Consultant’s Consortium–Come join us!

Thank you to the consultants who joined us at our Genesis Consultant’s Consortium meeting!  We had a great meeting with much great information flowing!


Two of the dominant issues that we discussed (and we would like to continue discussing) were:

1) Marketing and Networking. Take this opportunity ‘now’ to create your practices and procedures for Marketing and Networking your consulting practice because when you get your next consulting gig…you won’t have time.  The economy is still a bit flat, but it will not stay flat forever!  So we need to think ahead.  We also noticed that times are a’changing, and we need to stay on the forefront of methods to market ourselves.  Is LinkedIn still an important channel?  If so, are you keeping in touch with your network?   Don’t forget to blog, have a facebook fan-page, tweet, etc.  You must keep your name and specialty out there!

2) Get buy-in (or goals) from the CEO. Once on a project, it is mandatory to get buy-in from the CEO.  How many times have you been brought in to fix (say a Marketing or Sales problem), and the person you have been assigned to fix it with is the Marketing or Sales Manager (who actually created the problem).  You can see where this is going….  S/he does not attribute the problem to their systems at all.  This is not the optimal way to kick-off a project.

So, interesting stuff!  We have a lot to get after.  We will have another Meeting in a month.  Join us!

Consultants…Who’s Got Your Back?

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Categories: BenefitsForConsultants

As an independent consultant, often you may feel that you are swimming against the current of life. Why do you have to work so hard to get the very basic of necessities?

                                             Who’s Got Your Back?

                                                    Rothwell does!

Some consultants are especially attuned to running the business-aspects of their company. That may even be your specialty! But more than half of all project-based consultants are fending on their own…not of their own choice!

We at Rothwell realize your dilemma. The services and offerings we provide can help you feel whole again.

• Attain Health Care insurance and business insurances (Workers Comp, Liability, etc.) when joining. No need to talk to multiple brokers.

• Automatic invoicing, collections, tax filings, and more! No bookkeepers or accountants needed.

• Immediate TAX SAVINGS when claiming your expenses.

• Meet all compliance and contractual obligations and easily enter into all of your client sites.

Rothwell has a passion for consultants. Many consultants desire to be independent, and many would rather not be so independent (a little support would be nice)!

Rothwell can help you deal with all of these aggravating business aspects. Claim your life back!

Contact Jill Freeman, a consultant’s consultant at: [email protected]

(Recorded Seminar) Standard Practices for a Back-office

No Comments » Written on February 27th, 2012 by
Categories: BenefitsForConsultants

Did you miss the Seminar?
Standard Practices for a Consultant’s Back Office

Click on this link to hear the recorded seminar

Topics include:
• Invoices
• Contracts
• Expenses
• Compliance
• Accounting and Taxes

A note from Jill
Rothwell is 100% committed to providing tools and solutions that help you be an effective consultant!
Call on Rothwell for assistance.

[email protected]

SAP FICO Sr. Consultant posting

No Comments » Written on December 30th, 2011 by
Categories: BenefitsForConsultants

Title:  Senior CO Consultant – Finance Core Team

Start date:  December 1, 2011 or as soon as possible

Senior-level Consultant to work on a large-scale 1SAP global roll-out project.  User base is over 40 000+. Project budget more than AUD$700m.  Design, implementation, and rollout of single instance across all SAP landscapes.

This large-scale project is for a global oil and gas, mining client headquartered in Australia with offices in Houston, Texas, USA.

Experience desired:  Over 10+ years of SAP/FICO.

Education desired:  Bachelors degree

How has the Economy Affected YOU?

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Categories: BenefitsForConsultants

It seems that most people are fighting a battle that seems endless – a battle of you vs. the economy. Interest rates are creeping up again, and credit seems almost impossible to get these days. Trying to cut costs in every way possible may be your best defense again these opponents. Take a good look at your cash flow; what are you spending money on that could be cut out? Every penny counts! Pay especially close attention to the interest rates on your business credit cards! These cards are exempt from typical credit card laws. The company holding your business card can raise your interest rate without giving you the notice that they have to give to holders of personal credit cards.

Time is money, and taking time to save money is the same as spending time to make money!

Sites such as and can help you look at what you are spending. allows you to enter information on what you are spending on your wireless bill, cable, and credit cards, and the site calculates if you are getting the best deals that you can. helps you organize, track, and manage your finances. This website allows you to make a budget and stick to it! Also, call your credit card providers and make sure that you are getting the best rate possible; if you have been paying your bills on time the card companies should be more than willing to help you out!

Written by Amanda Freeman, a Consultant’s Financial Planner


Employee or Independent Contractor (IC)?

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Categories: BenefitsForConsultants


Everyone has heard about how the IRS is cracking down on the qualification of ICs. When is it correct to use a 1099 vs a W2? If you have ever asked yourself this question you can go to   This is a 20 factor test that helps you determine if being an IC is right for you. If you are filing your taxes incorrectly there are 3 options you can take to correct this:

  • Ask your employer to allow you to work appropriately as an independent contractor.
  • Ask your employer to hire you as a W2 employee so that you are working legally.
  • Hire an employer-of-record so that you are technically a W2 employee, but still allow you to be your own boss.

Written by Amanda Freeman, a Consultant’s Financial Planner


Refinancing as an Independent Contractor

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Categories: BenefitsForConsultants


Refinancing your home as an IC (Independent Contractor) can be a major hassle.  And even after you jump through all the hoops, it’s not a sure thing that you’ll qualify. Some of the items that you need when you refinance as an IC are: signed individual tax returns and all schedules from the past 2 years, signed federal tax returns and all schedules for the past 2 years, a year to date balance sheet, a year to date profit and loss statement, and a business credit report.

After you collect and send all of those documents in, the bank doing your refinance must evaluate your income. There are 2 steps to this. One is meeting the required debt to income ratio, and the other is looking at your annual income. If your income has declined in the past 2 years, you will most likely not be eligible to refinance even if you meet the debt to income ratio.

Food for thought!

Written by Amanda Freeman, a Consultant’s Financial Planner


Mileage Reimbursement Rate to Increase

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Categories: BenefitsForConsultants

Mileage Reimbursement Rate to Increase

The IRS announced an increase to mileage reimbursements beginning July 1, 2011.  For business miles driven, the rate will increase from 51 cents per mile to 55.5 cents per mile.

Also, reimbursements for medical and moving mileage expenses were also increased from 19 cents per mile to 23.5 cents per mile.  For more information, view the IRS update.